Intelligent Content Networks

Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical
Industry with Intelligent Content Networks

Revolutionizing Content Management

Structured Content Management (SCM)

Structured Content Management serves as the foundation for Intelligent Content Networks. SCM entails authoring, reviewing, and approving content at a granular component level, enhancing efficiency and consistency.

Component Assembly

Components are assembled into collections such as documents or dossiers post-individual review and approval. This structured approach allows for easy reuse and repurposing of information.

Enhanced Efficiency and Quality

Structuring information into reusable components promotes improved efficiencies, quality, and consistency during authoring, review, and approval processes.

Downstream Applications

This methodology facilitates seamless downstream use of information by transforming appropriate components into required formats for documents, systems, or applications.

Traceability and Consistency

Maintaining traceability of reused components as Intelligent Content Networks is imperative for consistent content quality and the ability to assess impacts of change.

Structured Content Management

The InteliNotion Platform Provides the Following

Configuration and Classification Tools

Enables Information Architects to configure and classify component and document structures, and defines reuse rules, governance processes, and lifecycle policies for components.

Libraries Management

Allows creation and management of Libraries for Standard Text and Instructional Text

Authoring Platform

Offers a native authoring platform integrated with Microsoft Word.

Review and Approval Workflows

Facilitates review and approval workflows for both components and documents

Full Traceability

Ensures full traceability of components, within and across documents.

Conditional Publishing

Features conditional publishing to tag content for output transformation/redaction, as well as publishing to PDF, Word, XML, and other formats.

Industry-Specific Templates

Provides industry-specific templates for components, documents, rules, and governance that can be quickly tailored for client-specific needs (e.g., clinical document compendium, labeling, manufacturing).