Intelligent Structured Content

Benefits of Using the InteliNotion Platform

Utilizing the InteliNotion platform offers numerous business advantages.

GenAI Augmented Structured Content

GenAI-driven Assistive Authoring, using a curated Large Language Model – seamlessly integrated into the Content Authoring workflow.

content re-use

Automated content re-use capabilities significantly enhance efficiency.

Digital Data Flow

Implementation of robust Digital Data Flow processes enables dynamic data connection with enterprise content.


Adoption of track-and-trace processes effectively governs content re-use, enhancing control and efficiency.

Challenges in Content Management

Robust Digital Data Flow processes facilitating dynamic data connection to enterprise content have remained elusive.

Automated content re-use is hindered as content is maintained at the document level in legacy Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).

Track-and-trace processes governing content re-use have been difficult to implement.

InteliNotion: Streamlining Content Management

Environment familiar to Microsoft Word users

Significantly improved productivity via GenAI-driven Assistive Authoring

Seamlessly update re-used content

Track-and-trace content artifacts throughout their lifecycle

InteliNotion is powered by the Microsoft Cloud

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